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The Greening Forward Youth Council is a youth powered organization dedicated to supporting Greening Forward by protecting the environment through education, inspiration, and empowerment of community members. Our Council is composed of five members all across the country who love the environment and want to see a cleaner, more sustainable world.

My name is Katelyn Darrow, and I’m a high school junior from New Jersey. I have been serving on the Greening Forward Youth Council since 2012. I’m passionate about the work I do for Greening Forward, and I’m excited to start writing for this “green” blog. Through Greening Forward, I’ve been learning more about the environment, and how my daily going-green decisions can impact concerns like climate change and nature conservation. In addition to my efforts with Greening Forward, I also founded a 501c3 nonprofit organization, “The Angels Clothing Closet” ( when I was 12-years-old. The charity provides clothing and more to those and need, while recycling clothes within my community. Helping others has always been a big part of my life! Check back to this blog soon, as I have a few cool blogpost ideas coming up!”

Hey everyone! My name is Lisa and my interest in the environment started in elementary school when I was writing a small speech and someone mentioned to me that climate change might be something that I might want to talk about. Since then I’ve been able to learn much more about different issues that face our society, such as consumption and waste production, and environmental policy, which I hope to study more about. I was introduced to Greening Forward by a local land conservancy near home. Since my time here, I’ve been able to share several ideas and thoughts and receive feedback about them, and considering our impact in the future generation of young people.

Welcome to our blog everybody! My name is Daryl and I have had an interest in the environment since I learned that doing the little things could make the earth a better place to live in. Recycling and volunteering were the first steps of mine in getting involved. I learned about greening forward through my high school friend Charles Orgbon who I met through my sister Anneliese Burton. Greening Forward really drew me in though its message and accomplishments.I have been apart of the Youth Council for almost a year now. I have volunteered, fund raised, and been a voice for future youth members of Greening Forward.

My name is Samantha and I have been passionate about the environment for as long as I can remember. My parents would always encourage my siblings and I to play outside. Consequently, I grew to love the beauty of the natural world. I discovered Greening Forward during my sophomore year. I was looking for resources for young environmentalists, stumbled upon its website, and the rest is history. As part of the Youth Council, I represent Greening Forward in my own community. I used the mini grant to plant trees and I spoke about our efforts to friends and family to help raise money for this amazing organization.

Hey guys! My name is Gianna Chrestman and I am 17 years old and live in Georgia. I joined the Greening Forward Youth Council a year ago and became the Youth Council President in April. My passion to protect the environment started when I was a wee sapling and would have bake sales to support World Wildlife Fund. I remained involved in environmental clubs and fundraisers throughout middle, but my junior year of high school I decided to make a bigger impact. I knew Charles was very involved in the environment so I asked him how I could help and the rest is history


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