Greening Forward is a youth-led nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase youth involvement in environmental issues. Our organization accomplishes this by giving grant money to grassroots environmental projects led by young people, and by holding events and conferences that teach youth the skills they need to make a real difference in their communities. To learn more, visit our website linked here.

THE CONTEST: Our purpose is to increase the exposure of passionate young people and the issues they care about, giving them a chance to have their voices heard. In addition to a cash prize, being featured on our blog could grant you:

  • Awareness  
  • Networking Opportunities
  • A platform to showcase writing abilities

THE PRIZES: Two 1st place winners will receive $150 each, four 2nd place winners will receive $50 each. All submissions will have a chance to be featured on our blog, which provides opportunities for networking and drawing attention to important topics.


  • Blog posts’ content must explicitly relate to an environmental issue of some sort, and/or youth’s involvement in such matters.
  • Blog posts must be at least 500 words in length.
  • Blog posts containing research, facts, statistics, or events of any kind must be properly cited. This website gives a good guide on how to do it correctly.
  • Pictures are encouraged!
  • All blogs must be sent in by January 31, 2018


22 years is the maximum age for writers entering the contest. All blog posts will be reviewed by Greening Forward staff. Articles with the potential to be published on our blog  are subject to revision, which will be run by the author before posting on the official Greening Forward website. Upon approval of an article, Greening Forward will notify the author and will post the blog under their name, with contact information added to the page as well. Blogs with obscenities or foul language will not be considered. Please try to be sensitive in regards to writing blog posts with a political slant, as we are a non-partisan organization. Greening Forward reserves the right to publish any blog post submitted regardless of whether it is selected for a prize.

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