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Cameroon Program

How it All Started

In April of 2018, Forbi Perise joined the Greening Forward team as our new Cameroon Coordinator. For years, Greening Forward has been looking for ways to expand our international presence, while keeping the guiding principles of our organization intact. Perise is a perfect complement with respect to this, as he is motivated, passionate, and has a strong vision of what his country is capable of.

His Plan

Forbi Perise’s objectives in Cameroon have been to expand Greening Forwards core mission, of young people being able to make a real impact in the world, particularly when it comes to the environment. He has had the unique challenge of trying to do this in a place that is very different from the United States; in the city of Buea, most people are completely unaware of the negative effects some of their behaviors cause on the environment, due to a lack of education and cultural influence. This has made Perise’s job that much more difficult, as he has had to combine the roles of activist, educator and innovator to find ways to inspire students on a topic that they had known nothing about previously.

He has been incredibly successful at this, motivating students in an endless amount of creative ways. One example is that of the Earth Saver Clubs in different schools, where he promotes the creation of a group of students that dedicate themselves to bettering the environment near their community. He has had great results in these clubs so far, such as with Moname Praise’s first-ever recycling contest in the region.

Looking Forward

Together with a group of passionate young people who he has recruited to his cause, Perise plans to fundamentally change the way that people across his country see their interactions with the environment. He hopes that he can show his neighbors how they can work towards their own goals while simultaneously working in harmony with the planet, and us at Greening Forward have full faith in him being able to do that.

Make sure to click through the slideshow to see all of the things that Perise has accomplished.