President Obama can’t solve global warming. Neither can Congress, the EPA, nor the Supreme Court — not without you. But the solution will require more than our individual efforts. It’s going to take a community that cares — and is ready to do something about it.

The Sierra Club has created a place where this can happen — a new online community called Climate Crossroads. It’s free, open to everyone, and more than a thousand people have already joined!

They’re blogging. They’re organizing. They’re attending EPA hearings and posting action alerts. They’re inviting friends and making new ones. They’re starting up groups. Tonight, in fact, many of them are mapping out a new energy future at house parties all over America. But most importantly, they’re exchanging ideas — about saving on energy, about sustainable eating, about getting better gas mileage, and even about (lazy) gardening.

Become a member of this community of eco-conscience citizens at:


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