Save the Earth Comic Contest (2019)

Our goal was to increase the exposure of the many issues passionate youth in Cameroon care about and face every day, giving them a better chance to voice their concerns and bring attention to these problems. Primarily, we wanted to develop students’ abilities to convey a message in an engaging way. To do this, we asked student groups to team up with their peers to create comics which highlighted an important environmental issue and told a story about how everyday people could work to help fix it. Many groups entered the contest, and we have displayed the 4 winning entries for you here. A final congratulations to the winners of the Save the Earth Comic Contest!


By Enjeck Mbeh Cleopatra, Meh Mbeh Ida-delphine, and Sih Namboh Mbeh Indira

A farming couple attempts to maximize the output of their farm by removing most of the local biodiversity, but then must deal with the consequences from their actions.

Agroforestry PDF

Green Boys

After learning about the consequences of logging, two students try to stop the wide-scale logging in their community, without hurting their local economy.

Green Boys PDF

Green Hero


A young “Green Hero” works to engage the youth in his community to take an active stance against the negative environmental problems they are facing.

Green Hero PDF

Water Pollution


A young man attempts to convince his chief to help stop people from polluting the local river.

Water Pollution PDF