Comic Strip/Graphic Design Internship


Greening Forward is a youth-driven, youth-imagined environmental network of 1,500 young changemakers. Our collective impact engages 10,000 community members in campaigns that recycle 60 tons of waste, plant over 200 trees, and save over 155,000 gallons of water. Our comic strip/ graphic design intern supports the indirect and direct needs of our program team.

Role Season Description
Comic Strip Art Ongoing Use your comic design skills towards a charitable cause – help us reach young people working on environmental issues in a create way. Your service to Greening Forward will add to portfolios like the following:Our comic strip, which is being used as a curriculum resource in classrooms across the world: representations of our mission and vision that we use to explain our work with funders and partners: should be able to replicate this kind of quality of work with their own style.
Graphic Design Optional If you have talents in logo design, there are optional projects that you may also be assigned to help.
Mobile Application Design Optional Greening Forward has used mobile applications in the following ways:Plastics Police: http://www.plasticspolice.orgSaving Seafood:

If you have talents in these, there are optional project that you may also be assigned to help.

Organizational Spokesperson Ongoing Represent Greening Forward at conferences and within the program manger’s community as needed

Desired Traits and Skills

  • Mastery of Adobe Creative Suite
  • Previous environmental leadership
  • Strategic thinking
  • Formal environmental sciences education
  • Team-oriented
  • Collaborative
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Proven organization
  • Self-disciplined
  • Prompt, yet thorough
  • Ability to be independent

Other Details

  • 10 hours/wk
  • Located in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia is a plus; Also, location in Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, New York, DC, and Boston are also pluses; but students from across the United States are encouraged to apply
  • Volunteer position, but opportunity to cultivate your work towards a charitable cause
  • Opportunities for all-expense paid travel follows the this position
  • Training is offered and required for this position

In Order to Apply

Submit the following to There is no deadline to apply, but interested applicants are urged to act fast.

•             A personalized 2-page cover-letter

•             A resume with relevant experience

•             Two previous or current supervisors as references


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