Conserving Energy with the Green Team!

Bridle Path Elementary School students touch a string of LED lights during an exercise comparing the LED's temperature to that of incandescent bulbs. Photo by Geoff Patton

Posted by Tatiana Christian


Based in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, Beth Staab, an active parent, has helped to create what’s known as Green Team – at Bridle Path Elementary. The group is comprised of kids aged between kindergarden to sixth grade and includes about sixty-five children that meet twice a month. The Green Team does a little bit of everything such as recycling Christmas light bulbs and advocating for the cafeteria to use re-usable trays and silverware.


The Green Team has had several successes at their school; before, there were not any recycling bins, and now they’re all over the school. They are partnered with Old Navy to help recycle old flip-flops, and have worked with Best Buy, who has a good recycling program, to have them at an Earth Day event. Additionally, they found out Lowes also recycles old Christmas lights, so people don’t have to throw them away.


They partnered with several programs in their local area, such as The Alliance to Save Energy, which is a group of about twenty 4th to 6th graders who also refer to themselves as Kids in Green. Their sole purpose is to find ways to save energy, such as switching out light bulbs. In fact, from July to November of this year, they discovered that they had saved 37K in energy bills!


The group has found much luck in that Beth has found it easier to talk to people in dollars and cents. Discussing how individuals can save money versus getting caught up in a political debate over the validity (and effects) of climate change and global warming.


Currently, Beth’s hope is to have a vegetable garden where they can grow their own veggies and have the kids eat them in the cafeteria. Even though they have done this on a smaller scale, growing vegetables likes beans and lettuce, Beth is hoping to bring to a much larger level. Additionally, she hopes to turn the Green Team into an after school program.


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