Editor’s Note: This blog post comes from Malina Japp and Callie Wolff of Evergreen Community Charter School. This 2014-2015 school year, Evergreen Community Charter School was involved with a project that Greening Forward funded to develop a design for a sustainable landscape project in their community. Learn more about Evergreen Community Charter School and even apply for a Greening Forward grant at www.greeningforward.org/grants.

Our names are Malina Japp and Callie Wolff. We are both eighth grade students Evergreen Community Charter School in Asheville, North Carolina. Evergreen is a school that focuses on project based learning.

As a project in our math class, we worked in partners to design a layout for a strip of land adjacent to our soccer field. For our Beyond 20, Learning through Service project, we have decided to draw from all of the student proposals to create the final design for this space. The Beyond 20 Project is part of our Environmental Education enrichment class, where we are supported to complete meaningful service on our campus, connecting our interests to real needs in our community.  We both really liked this landscape project and wanted to learn more.

We are hoping to implement the design on our Earth day celebration this year.

The date of the festival will be Monday, April 20th. Our school enjoys celebrating and learning about the Earth outside. As a service project for the whole school, we will find volunteers to help, along with the Evergreen community, to implement the final design on Earth day.

We were asked to pay attention to sustainable form, function and design when creating our layouts. 

This included using natural materials, native or edible plants and being aware of the drainage system on the field which protects our Haw Creek watershed.  We applied for this grant because as a charter school we don’t get a lot of money from the state for funding. Our school is not able to budget this project without assistance.

We are almost done with the final design of our landscape. Below is a photo of us working with a community member, who is a professional landscape designer, helping us with our final plan for the layout.


Thank you for your ongoing support of sustainability projects in the Evergreen community!


Malina Japp and Callie Wolff


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