Global Youth Service Day 2014


The concept of service is one that has transcended generations and cultural boundaries. Young people, in particular, often demonstrate the spirit of service that we as a society hope to see in everyone. We’ve been grateful to celebrate Global Youth Service Day as a Lead Agency in Georgia for the last two years, where we bring together 600 youth and community members around several community service projects.

Since 1988, Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) has provided young people in over 135 countries opportunities to give back. A campaign of Youth Service America (YSA), GYSD is both the largest service event in the world, as well as the only one dedicated exclusively to young people. It pairs young people with schools, nonprofits, businesses, community and religious groups as well as governmental agencies to make a positive impact on the communities in which the young people live.   This year, GYSD is being held April 11-13. As you prepare for this annual event, ask yourself, “Why am I serving?” For some, it is a desire to improve their communities that drives them to serve; for others, it is a passion to make a difference in something they care about. Whatever the reason, it is imperative that each and every person find a cause for which they are passionate about. Community service can be such a rewarding experience. For me, and all of us at Greening Forward, we have found ways to give back to our local areas through environmental protection efforts. This can be done by joining your school’s environmental club, helping out with your town’s beautification committee, or simply by getting together with a couple of friends and neighbors and making your community a better place to be. While all ages can undoubtedly contribute positively to their communities, it is especially important to give young people opportunities to service. They are the future innovators and leaders of nations around the globe, and so often bring creative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. By getting young people invested in the sustainability of their communities and the world as a whole, they can go on to become those leaders and innovators of the future. Plan service activities for GYSD soon – it is less than two months away! Share your ideas with us below in the comments section. And be sure to share all of your success stories with Youth Service America and Greening Forward.  Participate in Greening Forward’s Global Youth Service Days


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