Playa del Rey, CA

Area of Focus:



Justin Sather is a student on a mission. For the past several years, he has been trying to protect frog populations across the world through his For The Love Of Frogs project. Recently, he has expanded his goals to raising awareness for plastic pollution and protecting local ecosystems.

Greening Forward provided funding for a two-part project led by Justin and his mother, Sheri. The first was a cleanup of the Ballona Wetlands in his area. He helped lead over 20 students to pick up trash and invasive species from the area, and then provided education on the environmental importance of the wetlands to students with the assistance of the park. 

For the Toothbrush Project, Justin’s main goals were to educate about plastic pollution, the impacts toothbrushes have on overall waste, to connect science with art, and to increase the recycling of plastic. He taught his classmates about the impact plastic toothbrushes can have on pollution, and then encouraged students to recycle their own toothbrushes by turning them into works of art. Justin collected hundreds of different pieces of tooth brushes and art, providing an incredibly engaging and fun way of educating young students on the topic of pollution.

Grants Awarded

2018$625Lush CosmeticsMaterials for the Wetlands Cleanup such as gloves, buckets, trash bags. Recycling bins for plastic toothbrushes. Materials for wetlands education such as posters, graphics, pens and paper.