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Inspiring change that helps the environment can start right at home with some crafty creativity. Practice earth consciousness and the beauty of recycling by getting your hands dirty and having fun with DIY projects and repurposed materials. Have your parents help you with the following homemade projects that will get you excited about being green and unleash that creativity.

Kitchen Herbs in Mason Jars

Grow a mason jar herb garden accented with chalkboard paint labels. To start your garden, collect a variety of vintage clear and blue Ball Heritage Mason jars ( prefers wide-mouth, medium-sized jars). Supplies also include:

  • Chalkboard paint
  • Chalk (white or colored)
  • Sponge brush
  • Potting soil
  • Small herb plants

Go with your parents to a gardening store to find herb plants, such as blue rosemary, curly parsley, lemon thyme and sweet peppers. Using the sponge brush, paint a strip of chalkboard paint across the center of the jar. Let the paint dry before labeling it with chalk. Then fill the jar with a little soil, plant the herb and dampen soil with water.

Grow your herbs in direct sunlight and water once a week by just dampening the top. A freshly growing herb garden will colorfully accent your kitchen with natural beauty and provide tasty homegrown ingredients for cooking that delicious organic recipe.

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Light Bulb Vases

Turn off light switches whenever you leave the room. Rely on natural sunlight as much as possible. Your parents can assess deregulated energy and compare electricity prices. Energy reduction takes mindfulness and research. You can also support your home’s energy conservation with green creativity and upcycled decor. Collect old light bulbs to repurpose as flower vases for brightening up a space.

Ask your mom and dad for used light bulbs, pliers and gardening wire. Use the pliers to peel off the silver layer on the bottom of the light bulb, explains the Free People blog. Safely and carefully remove the black cap, inner glass tube and wiring. Now it’s time to get artsy. Cover the metal part with colorful, patterned fabric. Using glass paint, paint polka dots, hearts, stars or monogrammed lettering on the bulbs. Fill the bulbs with flora, fauna and love. Hang a row of vases along vacant wall space with gardening wire for whimsical decor.

Photo by scrambldmeggs via Flickr

Egg Carton Flowers

Egg carton flower crafts are not only fun, they’re charming interior space accessories. Craft a decorative bouquet, wreath, centerpiece or garland. Cut an egg carton into flower blossoms, and use paintbrushes and colorful tempera paint to paint the flowers. Shape your flowers into fuschia pink roses or sunshine yellow daffodils. Glue a cluster of buttons, pearls or even pompoms to the center of the petals; glitter can also give your flowers sparkling flair. Attach each flower to green stem floral wires or pipe cleaners to make a bouquet in a vase or artificially potted arrangement.

Photo by Jodimichelle via Flickr

You can also create floral garland to drape over a mirror or table. Visit the blog Dishfunctional Designs for crafty egg carton flowers to use as inspiration.

Photo by Jodimichelle via Flickr


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