Plant A Tree from your IPhone/ IPod

“One who plants a garden plants happiness.” This proverb, of Chinese origin I believe, can now become a reality of sorts without the need for land or even a green thumb. A new app called iPhorest lets you be an electronic gardener.

After downloading the software for $4.99, you dig a virtual hole by creating a digging motion with your iPhone until your seedling appears. Then you plant it.

Not only might the gardening bring happiness to you, The Conservation Fund also benefits. For each virtual tree planted, the fund will plant a native tree in real life–starting with the restoration of vulnerable wildlife habitats along the Gulf Coast in the United States.

But even if your garden is virtual, you’ll have to be a constant gardener to make your iPhorest tree grow. Shaking your phone produces rain to water your seedling, and when the virtual sun shines, your tree begins to grow.


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