IYEYS 2018 

The 2018 International Young Environmentalists Youth Summit was a great success! We had over 60 students from across the Northeast come to learn about how they could make a real impact in their communities, and a fantastic group of organizations who came to teach them. Youth learned about a variety of environmental problems and how groups are working to fix them, and got hands-on experience working with those solutions during our workshop periods. A number of fun environmental-themed games gave students the opportunity to develop their leadership and teamworking skills during their break periods. Students were also engaged in group-wide discussions focused on GMO’s and Renewable Energy, and had the chance to gain experience in public speaking by talking about those issues in front of their peers. Overall, a lot of great memories were made at IYEYS 2018, and we are already looking forward to planning next year’s youth summit! Thank you to our wonderful sponsors who made this event happen: Lush Cosmetics, Shaw Industries, and the NYC Department of Education: Sustainability Initiative.