J.C. Booth Middle School in Peachtree City, Georgia, seems like any other middle school at first glance, but a further look shows there is much more growing on than at your average middle school. The students at J.C. Booth are afforded a unique opportunity to learn how to be greener due to the efforts of Matthew Jackson a 7th grade science teacher at J.C. Booth and a grant they have recieved from Greening Forward.

While many students learn science simply in a classroom, Mr. Jackson’s students, thanks to a Greening Forward grant and a whole lot of elbow grease, have been able to take their learning out of the classroom and into nature. Mr. Jackson wrote the grant, and with the money given by Greening Forward, was able to finance a littany of educational projects that have helped to make J.C. Booth both greener and more sustainable.

With the grant money and the help of a generous community, J.C. Booth was able to plant 5 dogwood trees, which are native to Georgia and will help to create shade and prevent erosion around the school, build two gardens that have already had successful harvests that students and faculty at J.C. Booth have been able to enjoy, build 4 hand-powered composters to produce fertilizer for the gardens, and ten rain barrels to trap water for the gardens’ irrigation. The design and construction of these projects provided many fantastic learning opportunities for Mr. Jackson’s students, and has allowed over 1/4th of the school’s diverse student body to participate in this wonderful project. While the projects are mostly finished, there is more to be learned by students in how to maintain these projects, and Mr. Jackson has said he plans to apply for more grants in the near future to afford his students even more opportunities to learn about nature and how to be greener.


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