Greening Forward is a entirely youth-led environmental non-profit organization working to develop young people into leaders who can make a real impact in their communities. We fund, mentor, and provide skill-building resources to young problem-solvers aged 5-25, and then guide them towards changing the world.

The Chief Executive Officer position is a highly competitive undergraduate or graduate fellowship offered to an individual with an interest in non-profit management, environmental change, and/or youth development. The CEO runs and maintains all of Greening Forward’s programs, fundraising efforts, and partnerships, along with creating an environment that encourages and promotes staff growth. This position is not a typical “internship” for students; the CEO is in charge of every aspect of the organization and is ultimately responsible for every decision made and outcome that results. The potential candidate should be comfortable being a role model, have a desire to innovate and try new things, and be able to constantly step outside their comfort zone. Above all else, the CEO must be a strong leader, and passionate about making a difference.

Stipend: $3,000 annually, potential for increase.

Deadline: February 28th, 2019

Location: This position can telecommute from anywhere in the United States. Consideration may be given to candidates outside of the United States, if the candidate can demonstrate that the organization would not be burdened by unreasonable travel costs for the candidate to attend meetings and conferences in the United States. Current staff and youth council members are located in California, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, and Georgia.

Time Commitment: 15 hours per week average. The time commitment ranges heavily depending on the time of year; it may be as high as 20-25 hours per week leading up to a major event, while in the middle of the summer it could be lower than 10. A 2 year minimum commitment is expected.


  1. Candidate must be at least 16 years old by the time they accept the offer.
  2. Students pursuing an undergraduate/graduate degree or intending to pursue a degree are highly encouraged to apply.

Who Should Apply:

  • Individuals who thrive in a high-risk, high reward environment
  • Individuals who are energized by start-up or small social enterprises
  • Individuals who see themselves being a part of the organization for at least two or three years
  • Individuals who are comfortable serving as the head of a national and international organization
  • Individuals who have thoroughly read the application job description, researched the organization’s website and other materials, and  understands the role Greening Forward plays as a youth-driven environmental organization

The CEO’s performance will be based on the following domains: (a) Strategic Direction, (b) Leadership & Management, (c) Program Development, (d) Fundraising, (e) Communications, and (f) General Operational Responsibilities.

Strategic Direction

  • Ensure the development, execution, and maintenance of a long-term vision and strategic plan including goals, measures and targets for: (a) People development, (b) Program development, (c) Operational systems support (finance, project and administrative support), (d) Partnership development, and (c) Financial and fundraising plan
  • Provide thought leadership in key areas that Greening Forward is known for through public speaking (in-person, online, or through other media), publishing (blogs/articles in well-known online and print newsletters), and teaching (internal development of staff, guest instruction at universities) with the purpose of elevating the reputation and credibility of Greening Forward as a thought leader, community building role model, and cutting-edge educational organization

Leadership & Management

  • Recruit, hire, lead, develop, and retain a high performing leadership team of student volunteers
  • Work to continuously professionalize and develop all staff to ensure the quality, effectiveness, efficiency and exemplary delivery of all programs
  • Oversee excellence, coherence and growth across the organization
  • Actively promote and support inclusivity within Greening Forward and with partners

Program Development

  • Work to improve existing programs and adapt them if necessary to changing environments
  • Create new programs that engage and empower a wider group of young people
  • Increase outreach, distribution, and impact of programs through new and existing partnerships
  • Increase efficiency and consistency throughout the organization by developing and implementing standardized programs, services and program marketing


  • Oversee and participate in the execution of all development and fundraising activities for the organization, with goals of at least $30,000 each fiscal year
  • Actively engage and energize stakeholders around a fundraising plan, while ensuring clarity, understanding and commitment from all stakeholders.
  • Expand and diversify revenue generating and fundraising activities to support new and existing programs and infrastructure
  • Meet annual campaign revenue targets


  • Develop and use professional networks, speaking and publishing opportunities, media engagement, and staff as ambassadors of the organization to elevate, profile, promote, and feature the work of Greening Forward
  • Develop, implement, and update innovative communication practices for high-level and effective communication across the organization (EG Slack, Trello, Asana, etc)

General Operational Responsibilities

  • Direct all aspects of effective financial management and reporting such as information technology, research, and gift processing.
  • Oversee general financial and administrative operations of the organization
  • Ensures organizational compliance with state and federal charitable governing laws

How to Apply: Submit your resume and a one-page essay describing why this opportunity interests you and how your experiences and talents qualify you for it to current CEO, Robert Walton, at Please include at least two references in your application. The deadline is February 28th, 2019.


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