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Our powerful team of young people keep the ideas flowing here at Greening Forward. Since 2009, our youth volunteers have contributed hours equivalent to more than $1,000,000 USD. Many students say they enjoy working with us because they love working with an organization powered by people like them. The culture of our organization energizes and inspires us every day to keep our charitable work growing each year.

Current Student Opportunities

Interested in working with us?

  • Do you have a special talent or profession such as finance, creative design, youth-work, or event-planning experience?
  • Volunteers may work from anywhere and are encouraged to work virtually.
  • Need service-hours or just want to give your time to a charitable cause? We will happily report to your service coordinator and even serve as future references.
  • Read about how a Greening Forward internship experience impacted Earth Saver Awardee and former Vice-President, Hasib Muhammad, in his blog, An Internship With Greening Forward.

Contact us at hello@greeningforward.org or apply to one of the opportunities below to begin volunteering with us.

Youth Council Positions Open!

Join the Greening Forward Youth Council to experience working in a professional setting and bring awareness to youth regarding the climate crisis and the environment. Youth Council members must be between 14-18 years old and committed to spending 1-4 hours a week with Greening Forward. Youth Council members work hand in hand with Greening Forward Staff to create educational resources, outreach, organize events, and much more.


  • In middle or high school
  • Committed to spending 1-4 hours a week
  • Passionate about Environmental Issues
  • Pictures of the Youth Council:

Projects Youth Council Have Worked on in the Past:

  • Green Media Contest
  • YouTube vlogs
  • Outreach initiatives
  • Individual projects specific to each member

Click here to apply!

Any questions? Email sarah@greeningforward.org with all questions and inquiries about applying for the Greening Forward Youth Council.

Applications are due by October 20th.

Event Coordinator Position Open!

Primarily, our Events Coordinator leads the planning process for Greening Forward’s annual Empowered Young Environmentalist Summit (EYES), but also holds the responsibility of ensuring an active staff presence at the events of our partners.


  • Act as the primary planner for EYES by coordinating logistics and communicating with partners
  • Work closely with the engagement team, consisting of the Vice President of Engagement and Outreach Manager
  • Facilitate the Conference Committee (a team of Greening Forward staff and community partners), with the Vice President of Engagement
  • Research and connect staff with opportunities to attend, present at, and learn from additional events
  • Assist the programs team (consisting of the Youth Development Specialist, Director of Programs, and Youth Council Liaison) in developing webinars and in-person trainings.
  • Represent Greening Forward at internal and external events
  • Participate in monthly Greening Forward conference calls with our entire staff, along with regular meetings with individual staff members

Desired Traits

  • Previous event planning experience
  • Passionate about the environment and/or youth engagement
  • Outgoing and Personable
  • Highly Organized
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Quick Learner
  • Able to work in a team
  • Able to delegate responsibilities


  • General workforce experience
  • Networking experience with both local and national environmental organizations
  • Community Service Hours
  • Virtual Internship, flexible hours
  • Opportunities for funded travel to conferences and events
  • Leadership and teamworking development
  • Access to mentors and resources

Location: This position can telecommute from anywhere in the United States. Consideration may be given to candidates outside of the United States, if the candidate can demonstrate that the organization would not be burdened by unreasonable travel costs for the candidate to attend meetings and conferences in the United States. Current staff and youth council members are located in California, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, and Georgia.

Time Commitment: 6-10 hours/week (varies depending on proximity to EYES date)

How to Apply: Please send a resume and cover letter highlighting your desire and qualifications for the position (as well as any questions you might have) to jacob@greeningforward.org. Successful applicants will be invited to interview with Greening Forward staff.

*We will accept applications for EC until the position is filled.*