It’s that time again. The world is adjusting to the fact that 2014 has officially arrived. In the spirit of the New Year, it is customary to make resolutions for the next twelve months. Achieving high grades, eating healthier foods, and cutting down on procrastination are all common goals that people set at the beginning of a year. These are all excellent ideas. However, there are additional things that can be added to the group. Helping the environment is always a great resolution. And community service is another area that is good to improve on. Here are some ways that you can be eco-friendly and help your community in the year to come:

1. Observe a problem, and don’t be afraid to change it. Have you noticed that your classmates tend to throw away items that can easily be recycled? Do your family members neglect to turn off the lights after they leave a room? Are there excessive amounts of litter around your neighborhood? Don’t be afraid to speak up. You have the power to spark a great change in every situation, despite your age. Let 2014 be the year that you take action, and share your thoughts on the issues that you care about.

2. Take a moment for some introspection. If you sometimes find yourself taking extra-long showers, idling in your car, or using products that encourage pollution, then take steps to be more of a friend to the Earth. Do not feel bad if you realize that you have done some of these actions. There is no shame in acknowledging your weaknesses. Make an effort to cut back on one bad habit each week. Within a matter of months, you will become a true eco-advocate.

3. Become a part of something great. The next twelve months can provide many opportunities to help and connect with other people. Community service is a fun and easy way to implement positive change in the world. Moreover, joining community service groups can introduce you to a service project that aligns with your interests. When it comes to helping the environment, Greening Forward can easily fulfill your interests. Greening Forward has a network of environmental youth groups known as the Earth Savers Club network. This international group receives amazing support as its numerous branches launch environmental projects. The Youth Council is another great way to get involved. This group is extension of Greening Forward, as it embodies the spirit of environmentalism across the world. Currently, the Youth Council is accepting applications. Make a change in 2014, and apply to the Council.

If you had writer’s block when writing your resolutions list, then I hope this post helped. Do you have any other suggestions for New Year’s goals? Please share your thoughts, and comment below.


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