To our partners, donors, and all of our fantastic supporters,

         Hello everyone. My name is Robert Walton, and I am the new Chief Executive Officer of Greening Forward. I am a student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst studying Geosciences and Economics, and I have a heavy background in youth leadership through my experience in Boy Scouts and my Fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon. I have come into the unique position of joining an organization that is already structured to succeed, and my exposure to our team has convinced me of this fact. They give me hope and inspiration, and I look forward to working with them to focus on the long term goals for this organization, and on helping to take Greening Forward from good to great.

        Although every company has a never-ending list of ways they can improve, I see a few areas of importance that I will try to focus on during my tenure as CEO. Greening Forward’s primary goal should be to expand our influence. Expanding our presence through social media, conferences, and programs gives us access to a much wider network of potential changemakers, to which we can provide the tools to help be successful. It also can increase the name value of our organization and lead to increased relationships between us and other like-minded change organizations. The most successful ventures are those that come from great teamwork and ideas, and Greening Forward can be instrumental in helping establish these.

        To accomplish our main goal, I believe we will need to develop the inner workings of our organization, such as our staff, further. I would love to work with each of our staff members on identifying their goals and the role they see their position playing in the organization in the future, and then doing what we can to achieve those. In addition to our current positions, as we continue to expand our funding and organizational structure, I see space for additional roles to be created that could help make Greening Forward a more complete company. I will work to develop those roles and fill them with the right people who can bring the company to the next level.

        One of the things about Greening Forward that I love the most is their dedication to diversifying the people who interact with them. All of our staff carry unique backgrounds and experiences, and the people we help come from different cultures and areas of life from across the country. I will stay committed to keeping that diverse profile, because the best people and ideas can come from anywhere, and Greening Forward will be there to help utilize them.

       I am truly looking forward to this experience. In this day and age, more people than ever are looking for an answer to the problems facing our society. Greening Forward can be there for these people to assist them in developing the tools they need to help solve problems they are passionate about, both in their own communities and in the world as a whole.  In this role, we can make a huge impact on the image we want to project for the future. I am excited to be here, and I see a bright road ahead for the organization. Thank you.

Robert Alexander Walton