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Society is already programmed to teach young people to read and write, but what about how to lead? Our staff of high school and college students continues to develop relevant and meaningful resources aimed at empowering today’s young people to take action against the environmental issues they care most about.

How-To Guides

The Earth Savers Club

Since 2008, Greening Forward has given over $72,000 away in financial assistance to youth-imagined environmental causes to our +50 Earth Saves Club partners. Earth Savers Club partners come from all over the world and find our curriculum resources, grants, skill-building, and mentorship opportunities helpful in their youth-driven campaigns to effect environmental change at the local and global level. Each year, our grantees are able to bring 1,500 young people directly into the planning process of their Greening Forward grant, and engage 10,000 other community members through rallies and events.

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Earth Saver Award

Thousands of Greening Forward young people are taking action today to improve the lives of others and the environment. The Earth Saver Award, presented by Greening Forward, spotlights our students, ages 5-25, who have gone two steps above and beyond to create and lead substantive projects that improve our natural environment. Awardees come from all walks of life, and reflect some of our most innovative, inspiring student leaders.

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Greening Forward hosts several events every year. Some are smaller gatherings, and others are large, international conferences, where we focus on developing leadership and problem solving skills for many of the fundamental environmental problems facing us today.

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As an organization driven by passionate youth, we find ourselves involved in a number of other community organizations and programs. The best way to keep up with us is to follow Greening Forward on social media.