Applying for a Grant

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Name: Susan Smith


Phone Number: 000-000-0000

School Name: High School

Group Name: Green Club

Group/Club Sponsor:

Club Sponsor Email:

Short Description:

Some adults want me and some other kids to help them make a garden.

How many people are directly involved in the project?

We do not know. It depends on how many (if any) people want to help.

Tell us about the community you are helping or the problem you are trying to solve. Why are you the right people to solve this problem?

We live in an average community. Nothing exciting happens here. In our community we want to see more gardens because they look cool. We are the right people to solve this problem because we like gardens a lot.

What is the vision of your project/organization? 
(Your long-term goal, ie. Decrease my school’s energy use) Tell us how you plan to achieve your vision, by providing us with detailed goals for your project/organization. Please make them as specific as possible. (Change all light bulbs in the school to CFL lights, Reduce the time lights are left on by 2 hours a day, etc.)

We want more people in our area to know what a garden is. We think that by looking at the garden we made people will be able to see what a garden is. This is the main goal of our group. Gardens are important for people to know about because they are natural.

What’s your plan of action?

We are going to start working on our garden sometime in the next year. This is because we don’t know if anyone is going to want to help with the project anytime soon. After, and if, we convince people to help, we might try to plant some seeds. If that does not work, hopefully other members of our community will decide to work on the project themselves. Overall, we are just hoping to work on our project once we have free time.

Provide a timeline of your project. 

First three months: convince people to help with our project.

Month four through seven: buy some seeds

Month seven through twelve: plant the seeds if we have time.

How would winning an Earth Savers Club grant help you achieve your goals? And how will you measure the success of your project?

We will use the money to help convince people to work on our project. We are also watering our garden with bottled water so a lot of the money will be spent on that. The rest of the money will be spent on some seeds. We will measure success by how many people show interest in helping our project.

How does your project involve and impact young people? 
How will their involvement help advance the project? What knowledge and skills will participating young people obtain? Are there others that the project indirectly impacts?

Our project involves young people because adults will be telling young people what to do. The young people will learn skills of obedience because they will be practicing listening to adults. They will also learn what a garden looks like.

Request Amount

Up to $750