Real Talk for Real Teens Co-Hosting Opportunity


Real Talk for Real Teens is a new Internet talk radio show that uniquely combines the information teens need with the entertainment teens want. Topics discussed include entrepreneurship, comedy and entertainment, inspiring stories for cancer survivors and many others that offer valuable life lessons while still remaining entertaining to listen to. There is even an entire segment of the show dedicated to educating the youth of America about the goings-on at Greening Forward, where you can hear our founder, Charles Orgbon speak about the exciting things still to come from us.

They are currently searching for a new, young host to help take over some responsibilities and to get on air and broadcast to kids all over the country! To learn more about this opportunity, head on over to Real Talk for Real Teen’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and while you’re there check out Greening Forward’s too! You can also take a look at Real Talk for Real Teen’s very own site, and sample some of the many interesting and informative stories they have on offer free of charge.

According to Kim Crayton, current host of the show, they are seeking someone who possesses the following characteristics:

‘The ideal candidate is someone who, is between the ages of 16-21, is articulate, curious, smart, has a welcoming personality, is easy to talk to, is passionate about assisting their peers in developing the skills they need to make the successful transition into adulthood, is both sympathetic and empathetic,is engaging, is interesting to talk to, is open, is honest, has a willingness to explore below the surface of an issue/topic, can collaborate, is inspiring, and is passionate about youth involvement and youth engagement.

The chosen candidate would start off in a 6-month training position as my co-host which upon successful completion they would take over as host.

Co-hosting duties include: scheduling guests (including musical artists), setting up the studio environment before each show, screening call ins, monitoring the chat room, promoting the show, editing and uploading the finished shows to the Internet, becoming familiar with upcoming show topics, researching possible show topics.

Interested candidates should email me at with the subject line ‘Co-Hosting Opportunity Candidate’


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