Reflecting on Greening Forward


A few weeks ago, I became a Youth Council member after being inspired to make a difference in my community at the International Young Environmentalists Youth Summit.

At the conference in March, I learned about the many youth-driven organizations that came to the conference, for example, OMG: One More Generation. I thought their presentation about waste and consumption was impressive because it was very informative about different types of plastic and showed which plastics could be recycled.

After watching Plastic Paradise and talking to Angela Sun the night before, I thought OMG’s presentation gave more solutions to solving plastic pollution from a consumer point-of-view: for example, they recommended not buying a product that is made from plastic #3, 6 or 7. 

I also recall learning of other environmental organizations, like Truly Living Well. These organizations had tables, full of information, spreading awareness about their organization and ways to volunteer with them after the conference was over.

One of my favorite parts of IYEYS was learning about these other organizations that empowered others to help the planet, and I recently had the same opportunity to spread awareness about Greening Forward.

On June 3rd, I volunteered at the Jack Johnson concert at the Verizon Amphitheater in Alpharetta, Georgia. Jack Johnson is an impressive artist with many famous songs, for example, “Banana Pancakes.” Not only is Johnson a talented singer, Jack Johnson also gives back to the community, by supporting multiple nonprofits, including Greening Forward, Wholesome Wave, and One More Generation.

I worked with another Greening Forward staff member, Gina, and together, we spread awareness about Greening Forward to the community. I loved working at the concert; I had never worked at a tabling event before and it was an exciting way to encourage others to participate in the green movement.

At the event, I saw a variety of entertaining activities that were occurring. For example, at “Capture Your Commitment,” people took pictures, pledging to do different actions, such as promising to plant a school, community or home garden, to help the environment and these pictures would be displayed on a screen during the concert.

In addition, Jack Johnson offered an incentive: if one completed 3 things on a list, for example, he or she carpooled to the concert, he or she had the opportunity to stand on the stage during the concert!

After the event ended, I thought many people in the community learned about the multiple non-profits Jack Johnson supported and the event was a success! Volunteering at the Jack Johnson concert was one of my first experiences working for Greening Forward, and I can’t wait for other great experiences!

What are some volunteering experiences that you’ve enjoyed?


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