Saving the Rain From the Drain


Editor’s Note: This guest blog comes to you by Lucas, a student at Hilton Head Prep. Lucas is one of our grant receivers from Greening Forward!

The rain barrels have made a tremendous difference on our campus.  We no longer have the flooding between the buildings after it rains.  However, we would like to expand this project and utilize the water we are collecting.  We have many including an effort to create a rain garden by using the water from the rain barrels to water and maintain the garden.  In addition to the carefully chosen plants that will make the garden sustainable, we plan to have fish and turtles that will help control the mosquito population in the pond that will be located in the garden.  We will also utilize solar panels to power the pump so that we will not use any electricity.  Additionally, there has been much construction going on around the island that involves old buildings and outdoor malls which  are becoming renovated.  Sadly, this has made animals, such as turtles or fish, to be relocated without a warning.  We would like to help our community by relocating these animals if the timing is right; by being ready to take the animals when they are ready for relocation.

#savingtherain #fromthedrain

Lucas T.


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