Stop the Trash! Start the Caring!


Editor’s Note: This blog post comes from Munisa Akhmedova & Jessica Hernandez of New Voices School of Academic & Creative Arts. This 2014-2015 school year, the New Voices School was involved with a project that Greening Forward funded to develop solutions to the school’s trash issues and educate the community about caring for the school and local environment. Learn more about “Stop the Trash! Start the Caring!” and even apply for a Greening Forward grant at

by Munisa Akhmedova & Jessica Hernandez 

We have a serious trash issue outside of our school. With the support of Green it Forward, we will start our project, STOP THE TRASH, START THE CARING.  Through this project, we will teach our school community how to care for our school and local environment – and about the negative consequences if we don’t – and offer creative ways for every member to do his or her part.

New Voices is a school for the arts with dedicated programs in chorus, dance, theater, instrumental music, graphic arts, and visual arts.  Each day, students express themselves through these mediums and strive to create inspiring works together.  To share our ideas and vision with you, we created a poem – STOP THE TRASH!  START THE CARING! – and set the poem to music with the help of our chorus teacher.  We thought a musical poem was the best way to relay information in an expressive and meaningful way, and to draw our audience in to an emotional experience.  We also created a presentation outlining our action plan to visually draw attention to the details that are most important to our efforts.  We hope you enjoy spending time with these creations, and we are very excited to Green it Forward!

Here is our poem!

Stop the Trash! Start the Caring!

Today and everyday, we will lend a hand

for those in need and those left with nothing

As children and adults of this century,

we should take action towards helping our community and planet

Every day people destroy our earth through pollution and global warming

Because of this, innocent plants, animals, and people are getting sick or dying

We have to take action

It’s up to us to end the destruction

It’s up to us to make a change

We control the future

At New Voices Middle School in Brooklyn, NY we will do our part

Our campaign, STOP THE TRASH! START THE CARING! is our way of helping our planet.

  • We  will clean up the trash around our school and neighborhood
  • We  will recycle inside and outside of our school building
  • We  will plant and care for new trees and flowers
  • We  will Green it Forward


Listen to our poem set to music. 


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