Styrofoam (with the number #6 inside the recycling logo) is recyclable. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a facility that currently recycles them, but if you have this material you do not have to throw it away where you will further pollute the land.

Here are some other options you can consider:

If you shred Styrofoam into small pieces you can keep it for packing.

I’ve read that craft shops are often a good place to take styrofoam as their customers use it in their projects.

There’s a search function at the top of the web site where you can enter the term “polystyrene” and then in the box on the right, enter your location. The search results will provide listings of companies and organizations in your local area that will take polystyrene.

I’ve seen small pieces of styrofoam used in pot plants to assist with drainage and as a filler.

The Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers offers a mail back program to USA residents; whereby you send the polystyrene in via the US mail service. There’s a cost involved (postage), but this may prove more economical to you that carting it somewhere by car. You can learn more about this option here.

If polystyrene is something you get a lot of; you might be able to make a few bucks from it. The Recycled Plastic Markets Database allows you to search for buyers of a wide variety of plastics.


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