The History of Greening Forward

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Greening Forward is a youth-driven, youth-led, and youth-imagined environmental organization. Founded in 2008 by the then 12-year-old Charles Orgbon III, Greening Forward has grown into one of the largest entirely youth driven not-for-profit organizations. Through our grants, mentorships, our annual International Young Environmentalists Youth Summit, and other programs, Greening Forward provides the tools and resources for young people to take what they know and put it into action. We catalyze the youthful energy, youthful mindset that young people have to create a more sustainable world. Greening Forward is paving the way for young people to take direct leadership in shaping the world we wish to see, all while helping adult-run organizations to understand the power of youth in creating local and global change.


Our Mission

Greening Forward establishes, engages, and empowers a diverse global green movement of people for the protection of the environment powered by young people.


Guiding Beliefs


Our Motto

A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
— by Margaret Mead