The Veggie Time Project is Creating Green Minds and Tummies in D.C.


Editor’s Note: In this guest blog post from Barnard Middle School in Washington, DC, Mischa Walters, a 5th-grade student, talks about her experience with Veggie Time, a Greening Forward grant funded project. This project teaches children about plant science and healthy eating through gardening. She and her peers won the Best Sustained School Garden award from a local DC healthy and green schools initiative. Learn more about Mischa’s project and even apply for a Greening Forward grant at


In Veggie Time we learn about food. We make our own salad, sandwiches, pasta; we make lots of different things. We make smoothies out of brown sugar, oranges and whipped cream.

 My favorite job is to pick fruits and vegetables from the garden.  We planted a cherry tree and harvested the cherries.  We washed them off and ate them – they were delicious!

My favorite vegetable we’ve grown in the garden is a tomato.  I didn’t like tomatoes at first.  But my dad told me tomatoes are good for my bones, so I tried them. They tasted a little sour, but I liked them in the end.  Because people were eating our tomatoes we didn’t save the little seeds inside them, so we didn’t get to plant them any more.  It was really sad.

kid power 

Our garden is good for the environment, because we plant fruit and vegetables. When you make a garden people know you care about the world and want people to be healthy.  Its much better to plant vegetables and fruits.

My favorite was planting cherries and cucumbers because we used them in our salads. Before, my salads were just tomatoes, cheese, and a dressing.  But after VeggieTime we put a ton more vegetables in our salads like corn and cucumbers. I know we are part of a big group of kids (including Greening Forward) who are working to make the world a better place.  Greening Forward has sent us money to help us build our new greenhouse.  We can work in the garden all year when our greenhouse is finished.


VeggieTime was fun for me.  The coolest thing I learned from Kid Power was that corn could grow in a garden. I thought you had to grow corn on a farm!  I can say later on in life that I had a fun time in Kid Power. We got to do a lot of things and one day I will miss what we did and the parties we had.  If Kid Power is offered in middle school, I will do Kid Power then too.


By Mishca Walters

Kid Power Inc. provides innovative after-school and summer programs to youth within the District of Columbia. Their Program VeggieTime teaches young people about how to maintain healthy gardens, diets, and minds.   

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