Lets be honest, we all know recycling is good for the environment, but do we know really what we’re doing? Sure, we’re conserving natural resources, but you are also minimizing  the use of greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenhouse gases trap heat in the the upper atmosphere which is natural and helps create climates that sustain life. However increased concentrations of these gases can result in many climate problems such as rising global temperatures and sea level changes. Recycling saves energy and can help prevent these climate problems  by reducing the amount of energy it takes to produce new goods. Many acknowledge the benefits of recycling but some say it is too time consuming or they do not have access to a recycling facility. Those who have abstained from recycling cause a greater risk of producing more landfills. Landfills are waste disposal sites where trash is buried or covered up with soil; this allows toxic chemicals to leach into the groundwater or soil. Landfills are a place where the disposing of waste material by burying it and covering it with soil occur.

Another benefit is that it is good for the economy. It is said recycling is good for the economy.  Dumping 10,000 tons of waste in a landfill creates six jobs while recycling 10,000 tons of waste  creates 36 jobs (www.fcgov.com ‘’Why recycling matters’’). Recycling and purchasing recycled products causes greater demand for recycled goods. The economy getting a small boost from recycling and even schools are getting involved.  Nationwide, schools have been involved in various recycling programs, from recycling lunch room trays in california, to simply recycling paper in classrooms.

Do you feel a greater need to recycle? Leave your comments below. Tell me how long have you been recycling and if you believe that schools should be required to recycle.

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Youth Council Member Daryl Burton


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