Why donate to Greening Forward?

Led by young people, for young people, Greening Forward trains and funds students, ages 5-25, in solving environmental issues across a wide spectrum – from sustainability and renewable energy, to green transportation and water quality, and so much more. The youth are offered financial support through our grants and they learn leadership skills through the programs, events and learning resources that we also provide.

By donating, you are directly empower students to become environmental solutionaries. Your donation allows us to empower young people to discover how they can bring about important change to help the environment.

In today’s world, there are a countless number of environmental problems that affect our communities and our planet as a whole. Greening Forward believes that the best way to meaningfully change the world is by channeling youth passion and creativity towards the issues that matter most. We believe that by empowering young people early, we give them the best chance to be successful.

Above, a school group works to create compost bins. Some of our most self-defining values and traits are learned when we are young. Imagine if a whole generation of young people learned the leadership and change-making skills that enabled them to go out and actually make a difference in the issues that were important to them? Instead of asking “Who can fix that?” or “What are they doing to solve that problem?”, these young people would say “I can help with that”. Our world would be an entirely different place.

These young students were helped through our grant program, called the Earth Saver’s Club, when Greening Forward gave them funds to learn more about the environment. We have a long history of changing youth’s lives and showing them the potential that they all have to create change. And there is still so much more that we can do.

The two photos above show older students working with funds from the Earth Saver’s Club. Through this program, we give grants to youth groups that want to do their own environmental projects in their communities. Most of our grantees receive between $50 to $500 for their costs. So, even with a small donation, you could be funding an entire project that empowers youth, and strengthens our environment.

Through Greening Forward events and conferences, we help teach youth the skills they need to bring their change-making projects to the next level. Young people and adults from across the environmental spectrum are brought in to teach students about their experiences, and show them how to make the biggest impact they can. Donations allow us to increase the quality of content we can offer, and reach out to a bigger pool of young people to come to the conferences and learn these crucial skills.

By donating to our organization, you are putting money towards the growth of younger generations, whose passion and insight are greatly needed everywhere by our world today. Every dollar we receive goes to improving our environment by developing this incredibly impactful group. As our founder Charles Orgbon said in his Ted Talk, “We can not wait until young people grow up to give them the tools to be modern day heroes.”

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