The Young Environmentalists Network shows how young people’s captivating energy and intrinsic creativity power movements for environmental protection. As these young environmental leaders connect with one another and create an online network full of professional and personal resources. This networking allows youth to develop connections, explore opportunities, reflect on experiences, and spread new ideas that each member can add to their arsenal of changemaking resources. Moreover, all of these great discussions are with members who are interested in similar topics .

For many people, this can be an important step in processing and completing a project because of the varied feedback one could recieve. If one needs an opinion or an explanation on an issue that someone has already went through, that young persona could ask and receive feedback Because of the mindset and tenacity of the young leaders that run the groups, new ideas never cease to be brought to life and implemented throughout different communities and cities. The Young Environmentalists Network (YEN) is a youth-led network that provides a support group for any young leader who wish to take their environmental efforts to the next level. It is an amazing outlet for young people who wish to get involved with their communities and find the support and opportunities they need.

Networking is also a wonderful thing in an electronic community because diversity barriers in geography and backgrounds can be overcome.

The Young Environmentalists Network especially highlights the unique challenges that the 21st century environmentalist has to face. Unlike many sectors, environmentalism is an interdisciplinary field. The Young Environmentalists Network combines people from all of these areas in the environmental sector into one forum. The experts in policy, education, science, and communications come together to learn how can we support the global environmental movement together. That’s what’s most inspiring about the network.


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