by Seung Kwan Baek


As the vice president of Greening Forward, I’m lucky to say that I work with some of the most innovative people in the world.

The group I want to start off with today is the Earth Guardians, a recent addition to the Earth Savers Club in Greening Forward.Comprised of young active environmentalists, the Earth Guardians meet regularly with 15, and another group of 7 meet regularly for environmental journalism. However, the number multiplies to more than 100 when a supporting rallies, actions, or events take place locally.

Currently, the Earth Guardians are busy with their newest project Moving Planet Event. They are co-parternering with 350 Moving Planet to have a worldwide event to bring awareness to how fossil fuels are endangering our future. Moreover, they also have EARTH presentations coming up in schools and message driven performances at events. The Earth Guardians are prominent in several states such as New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, Hawaii, and California; they have even gone internationally to countries including China, Philippines, Mexico, and India.

However, the Earth Guardians are in need of funding to carry out their projects. With funding, they could develop their Earth Guardian chapters and support all those who have requested to set up Earth Guardian Chapters in their states or countries.

They strive to be the epitome of 21st century environment-awareness group. Earth Guardians educate youth through their multi-media presentation E.A.R.T.H. “Earth Activists Restoring Their Home,” which details the state of the planet today to inspire the youth to take actions in their community for the betterment of tomorrow. Based on the success of the Earth Guardians in the past, they are more than confident that the youth have the power to change the world. Through collaboration with other organizations such as Greening Forward, the Earth Guardians hope to be the exemplary youth-led organization that will empower the youth of the world to rehabilitate our planet for our posterity.


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