Earth Savers Club Grants

Since 2008, Greening Forward has given over $72,000 away in financial assistance to youth-imagined environmental causes to our +50 Earth Saves Club partners. Earth Savers Club partners come from all over the world and find our curriculum resources, grants, skill-building, and mentorship opportunities helpful in their youth-driven campaigns to effect environmental change at the local and global level. Each year, our grantees are able to bring 1,500 young people directly into the planning process of their Greening Forward grant, and engage 10,000 other community members through rallies and events.

Greening Forward is currently only accepting grant proposals from schools, organizations, and students that have attended one of our training events.
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If eligible, youth are encouraged to propose new and/or existing project ideas that help improve the environment through one of the following ways: (a) community beautification, (b) recycling and waste reduction, (c) Earth Day celebration/special events, (d) environmental education, (e) water quality monitoring, (f) green space creation, (g) urban farming, and we are open to listening to other proposals. When deciding upon who gets funded, a team of youth volunteers from Greening Forward will consider the below criteria are most important:

  • Creativity: how is this project different from the others?
  • Inclusivity: how does this project bring in a diverse group of people as partners and leaders?
  • Sustainability: how does this project plan to continue after the Earth Savers Club mini-grant?
  • Relationship: has the applicant shown a genuine desire to engage with Greening Forward’s how-to guides, International Young Environmentalists Youth Summit, and Youth Council?
  • Terms of grant: has applicant reviewed and agreed to the terms of the grant listed in the grant application?

Questions? Email us at or call us 855-ECO-TEEN.

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