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Our powerful team of young people keep the ideas flowing here at Greening Forward. Since 2009, our youth volunteers have contributed hours equivalent to more than $1,000,000 USD (estimated using values from the Independent Sector). Many students say they enjoy working with us because they love working with an organization powered by people like them. The culture of our organization energizes and inspires us every day to keep our charitable work growing each year.

Current Student Opportunities

Interested in working with us?

  • Do you have a special talent or interest such as finance, graphic design, program development, or event-planning experience?
  • Volunteers may work from anywhere and are encouraged to work virtually.
  • Read about how a Greening Forward internship experience impacted Earth Saver Awardee and former Vice-President, Hasib Muhammad, in his blog, An Internship With Greening Forward.

Contact us at to begin volunteering with us.