A Special Petition from the Sierra Club

The Big Picture Campaign is off to a great start! In the last month over 2000 people gathered in Seattle to rally for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) action to fight global warming, at the Arlington EPA hearing we outnumbered the opposition by 9 to 1, and this week volunteers gathered at house parties across the country to build the grassroots movement in their communities. Now we need your help to stop polluters from derailing a critical piece of the Big Picture in the final days of the comment period.

We must act by June 9th to let the EPA know we want a strong emissions reporting system that will stop polluters from hiding global warming pollution.

With only a few days left before the comment period closes, powerful polluting industries are working to weaken the EPA’s proposed reporting rule, denying us the information we need to effectively fight global warming. We must make it clear that the reporting system needs to be in place by next year – in time to support President Obama’s plan for swift climate action – and that global warming pollution must be tracked with excellent monitoring technologies, not just estimates from industry figures.

We can’t let polluters withhold the critical information governments, businesses, and the public need to take action on global warming. Send a message supporting the EPA today!

When it goes into force, the strong emissions reporting system EPA has designed will be at the center of the fight against global warming, but only if we stop polluters from weakening the rule. Take action today and spread the word!

Thanks for all that you do.

Sign the Petition by clicking here.

Mary Anne Hitt

Sierra Club Big Picture Campaign


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