Here's a bit more about our history and team!

Our History

Greening Forward is a youth-driven, youth-led, and youth-imagined environmental organization. Founded in 2008 by the then 12-year-old Charles Orgbon III, Greening Forward has grown into one of the largest youth-led nonprofit organizations in the country.

Through our grants, mentorships, conferences, and other programs, Greening Forward provides the support for young people to create real change for issues they are passionate about. We take the youthful energy and mindset that young people have and combine them with our tools and structure, then watch as they actually change the world. Working with thousands annually across the country, Greening Forward is paving the way for young people to learn and utilize leadership in shaping the world they want to see.


Board of Directors

General Members

Board of Advisors

Snigdha Roy


Snigdha is a student at Sora Schools and is based in NY. Her life started when she immersed herself in conservation and then tech the same year, after embodying the hacker ethos. Having a strong background in working with young people in various spaces, Snigdha can't think of a group better than our youth to lead the environmental movement to pivot the future in a sustainable direction.
Angelina Reyes

Branding Director

Angelina is a student at International Academy in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She believes that educating people about environmental issues is crucial to inspiring action. Angelina hopes to share her passion for environmental advocacy by using her position on the Youth Council to spread awareness and encourage green programs in cities and schools all across the world.
Courtney Ackerman

Financial Director

Courtney believes that change comes from individuals and loves that Greening Forward focuses on empowering youth. She recently graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a bachelor’s in civil engineering and master’s in environmental engineering and will soon be moving to Chicago to start working full-time.
Jacob Garland

Engagement Director

Introduced to the world of conservation in middle school, Jacob has spent the past few years working to improve both his school’s and his community’s outlook on conservation.He hopes to have Greening Forward act as the next step in his environmental career, and a means of forwarding his understanding of what exactly it means to be an activist.
Forbi Perise

Cameroon Director

Forbi Perise is 21 years old and has spent his entire life in Buea, the capital of the southwest region of Cameroon. In his free time, he likes to read, draw, and engage in environmental work with his team. He enjoys collecting plastic bottles for a local recycling company and getting others involved. One of the challenges that Perise faces in making Cameroon more sustainable is ensuring that Cameroon’s streams are not polluted, and that agriculture done in his community is clean and doesn’t affect biodiversity.