Greening Forward

Greening Forward establishes, engages, and empowers a diverse global movement of young people for the protection of the environment.


Greening Forward establishes, engages, and empowers a diverse global movement of young people for the protection of the environment. It is our goal to develop as many leaders as possible from a wide range of backgrounds.

Our system is designed to help those people who see room for change but don’t know how they can go about actually making a difference. With our resources and years of experience, we know exactly how to nurture an idea for change from conception all the way to completion, and we do so for as many young people as we can.

Our Programs

Youth Leadership Conferences

Want to learn more about environmental issues, and what you can do to help? Each year we organize national and global events where you’ll be able to talk with a multitude of environmental organizations and learn what it really means to be an effective environmentalist through a series of engaging workshops, important discussions, and fun activities. No matter how dedicated you are in the environmental sphere, whether you’ve been an advocate for years, or are just starting out, our trainings can help in your journey.

Earth Savers Club

Greening Forward supports motivated, environmentally-minded young people who want to make their green passion projects a reality. Since we began our grant program in 2011, Greening Forward has awarded over $78,000 to 1,750 ambitious young people across the globe. From beach cleanups to educating the community on invasive species, we can provide you with the extra boost that your environmental campaign needs to succeed!

Green Media Contest

Are you a filmmaker, writer, and/or visual artist with a passion for environmentalism? Let your creative voice be heard by entering our annual Green Media Contest! Hundreds of students around the world submit compelling art pieces, blogs, documentaries, articles, and educational videos that shine light on a pressing environmental challenge of their choosing. The authors of the 6 best entries have their work highlighted on our website and social media, receive free Greening Forward merch, and earn cash prizes!

Cameroon Program

Since 2018, Greening Forward joined forces with Forbi Perise and an enthusiastic group of conservationists in Cameroon, Africa. Greening Forward has supported Cameroon students in providing them with grant funding, resources, and mentorship to help them make their projects into a reality. Due to Cameroon being a country that faces some of the worst of the environmental impacts, we've made it a mission to ensure our Cameroon project persists to educate, engage, and empower young people in their communities to take action on the issues affecting their communities. Our students in Cameroon have worked on projects like environmental comic contests, ocean literacy workshops, beach cleanups, and much more!

Sponsors and Partners